About Me


I am currently an undergrad junior pursuing a double major in journalism and intercultural studies at Biola University, passionate about telling stories of how God is moving throughout the world.

I currently serve as Editor-in-Chief of The Chimes newspaper, utilizing the leadership and management skills I developed as a former news editor, apprentice, and freelancer for the Chimes.

I have also obtained specialized training in intercultural competency for communication by interning as a community group leader with Global Student Programs & Development. After growing up in Europe and different parts of the U.S., my time with GSPD helped me solidify my skillset and apply them in a small group setting to help other students become leaders in their communities.

In summer 2017, I integrated my intercultural competency and journalism skills when I traveled to the Middle East for the first time as a journalism intern with Operation Mobilization. I lived in Lebanon for two months writing stories about their missionaries and various ministries to Syrian refugees and other marginalized communities.

My trip to the Middle East marked new accomplishments in many ways, including my first time in the Middle East for longer than a day. It also marked the day I could say “I’ve been to over 20 countries.” My greatest passion is traveling to different parts of the world to see how God reveals himself through different cultures. Many times I have caught myself captured by the beauty of the earth and of humanity in a context completely foreign to me.

On a more professional note, I have a particular interest in the intersection of culture and religion. Throughout my college career, I have studied and sought out experiences specifically with Islam and Christianity, especially in multicultural urban ministries.

That’s all for me! For more details on my work experience, feel free to check out my resume or my published works. To see my portfolios in social media and my upcoming summer internship, feel free to check out those links as well!

Also, feel free to find me on social media:

  • Instagram: janae_19
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  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jana-eller-6b1866117/
  • Email: janaeller14@gmail.com



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