Biola University The Chimes Newspaper

May 2016 – present

My primary job as Editor-in-Chief includes mobilizing a staff of approximately 30 people to produce daily content on our website and an eight-page weekly paper. Using team-building and emotional intelligence, I have been able to provide a smooth transition to a shorter paper, increasing our overall efficiency, which in turn produced higher-quality content. I also seek out relationships with departments across campus, in order to maintain open lines of communication.

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Operation Mobilization
Communications Intern

June – July 2016

During my time as an intern, I wrote six articles and one blog post for OM’s Near East Field. I conducted interviews with several missionaries about their ministries and work primarily among the local refugee communities. I then conducted research and integrated cultural considerations into the content, which OM used to promote their organization and provide support for their missionaries on the field.

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Biola University The Chimes Newspaper
News Section Editor

May 2016 – May 2017

I collaborated with my co-editor to meet the minimum quota of stories every week. Using team-communication and critical thinking skills, we delegated and worked with writers to develop their pitches and become stronger writers and reporters. We also utilized our leadership skills as we trained an apprentice during the spring semester to take over our position the following year. During the course of the year, I wrote about 2-3 articles and editing at least 4 articles every week. I also became fluent in AP style and editing.

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Biola University Global Student Programs & Development
Community Groups Intern

August 2016 – May 2017

I facilitated a weekly space for international and global students by utilizing small group communication, interpersonal relationship and organization skills. The intention of the group was to help students process culture shock during their college experience and become confident community leaders. By working with my fellow interns, we also planned a few activities and events during the year for both our individual groups and the greater global student population.

Biola University The Chimes Newspaper
News Apprentice

January – May 2016

I learned how to managed the news section by apprenticing under the two news editors. I built my team collaboration skills by attending weekly budget meetings and also how to design a newspaper page by attending weekly production nights. By utilizing communication and editing skills, I worked with freelancers to develop their writing skills, under the supervision of my editors.

Biola University The Chimes Newspaper

October – December 2015

My career with The Chimes started by writing one article a week, learning how to properly conduct interviews, do research and compose full articles for the purpose of informing the student body. As a freelancer I published a total of six articles and learned the basics of AP style and editing.